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Collaborative Work Management Platform

Built on Microsoft Azure

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Collaborative Work Management software platform for enterprise that provides a single operational environment that helps your business grow without compromise.

What is Collaborative Work Management?

Gartner defines this as:

'Task-driven workspaces that support business users in work planning and execution. They combine task, project, workflow, and automation capabilities with conversations, content publishing, reporting, analytics, and dashboards. Which are defined by their purpose (work planning and execution), by their target users (nontechnical business users rather than professional project managers or business analysts) and by their broad functionality. Collaborative work management technology supports work that can be planned top-down, as far as it is possible to plan it, while at the same time supporting flexible, self-organizing, and open-ended collaboration and re-planning as needed. The technology supports task scheduling and  support for resource management, with timelines, resource utilization, and budgets.'

What are the Benefits?

According to  Forbes, the average worker only spends 43% of their working week on primary tasks they are hired for.


'Collaborative Work Management that integrate with the applications and software your teams use are a key part of the solution, enabling your specialists to use their core skills most of the time.'


'Most businesses do not have a universal operational platform for managing the way they work and sharing information on everyday projects and processes. That’s precisely what a Collaborative Work Management solution provides. It creates common workspaces for everyone in your organization, aligning all productivity tools within your business and acting as the enterprise-wide connective tissue that unifies all digital tools used to execute your work.'

What is Expede?

Expede is a universal enterprise operational platform that provides a common workspace for everyone in your organization to manage their projects & processes. 

As an enterprise wide connective platform that unifies how your work is done, it is able to gather detailed insights about your company to support continuous improvement & competitive positioning.


With interconnected modules, the Platform can be aligned to the specific needs of your business, both now & in the future.

Being a true enterprise solution for mid to large enterprise companies it provides enterprise grade reliability, security & dedicated database storage. Hosted in Microsoft Azure Cloud with enterprise certification from Microsoft, it can provide your company the gateway into Azure services & analytics, all through a central Collaborative Work Management Platform

The Expede Framework

Designed with simplicity and flexibility to enable Enterprise firms to quickly adopt, adapt and grow their digital strategy
Expede Structure 3



  • availibility
  • enterprise secure
  • active directory
  • azure hosting
  • office
  • dedicated database
  • redundancy
  • Microsoft Certified

Pre-configured, Out-the-Box Platform Solutions

Expede can be deployed pre-configured to immediately meet industry & business requirements
The following configurations are available & take only 2 hours to deploy

Enterprise Base Platform

Provides the starting point for Enterprise firms to instigate their digital transformation programs, with an initial emphasis on unstructured information capture, processing & user access.

Engineering Platform

Structured for Engineering firms & groups, provides the essential requirements for increased performance, covering: Scope Management, Scope Delivery & Engineering Information Management.

Legal Platform

Structured for commercial legal firms & groups engaged in contract & commercial litigations, covering: information extraction, forensic analysis, ediscovery, findings & records compiling.





Customer Business Supported


Documents Processed


Mega Projects

Case Study

EDG is an Engineer firm who predominantly support the energy industry for operators such as Chevron, Santos, Oil Search etc.

They deployed the Expede Engineering Platform in 2020 & customized elements around their scope & deliverables management along with a user dashboard for their business process & ISO quality management.


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